Why I am running a half-marathon

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I would like you to please consider donating for this cause. It is truly close to my heart. Thank God, I never had any of my children in NICU, however, I just recently had my daughter in the “regular” ICU unit at Lurie’s Children’s Hospital. I could afford leaving everything on hold to spend those scary 3 days with my daughter, 24/7. My family could afford parking 2-3 times daily at the parking lot next door ($10 with validation, $44 not validated,) but there was a girl next to our room, on a ventilator, without a parent … We didn’t know her story, of course, because of the privacy laws, however she was there alone, and it could have been her family didn’t have resources to pay for parking or babysitting for her sibling, maybe, just maybe..

To give you a little background on me, I fell in love with running long long time ago, when in grammar school, to treat asthma, I was told not to be involved in any physical activity, at all. As an adult, with my asthma somewhat controlled, I decided to fulfill my lifelong dream of running a marathon. That was 2006, January 27th. I still have goose bumps remembering that day.

Over the years I have completed tens of half marathons, and a few full marathons. With small children, work demands, I have betrayed my running, and instead had affairs with catching up on sleep, watching TV or just overeating. Had quite few Yew Year’s resolutions to start running again, yet didn’t keep my word until a few weeks ago.

I read the story of Jackson and his parents, and it hit close to heart, same hospital , the intensive care unit , and my excuses ended in an instant.

I am training , as if I never stopped, slow like a turtle, but pumped and motivated not to stop. Please help me make a difference. For the babies in the NICU, fighting for their life… this 13.1 miles is for my daughter, it is for all the children…

This is the whole story :

Carrie and Terry Meghie always thought their son, Jackson, would live a long and healthy life. Sadly, the Meghie’s precious baby did not live to see his first birthday.

Because of a chronic lung condition, Jackson spent all but 48 hours of his life in the NICU, the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit for critically ill or premature newborns. He passed away in his mother’s arms while holding his father’s hand on September 7, 2012 – just shy of 10 months old.

While spending each day at Lurie Children’s Hospital they came to realize that families were spending astronomical amounts on parking and transportation just to visit their child (or in some cases not being able to visit at all) in the NICU.So when Carrie and Terry asked themselves what they could do to help other families with children in the NICU, the answer was immediate: ease the burden of the astounding parking fees that are preventing too many families from visiting their children.

To date they have successfully fully funded parking and transportation daily for every NICU parent at Lurie and hope to add more hospitals to the list. Watch this video to learn more about JCF:

I hope you can join me in supporting this incredible organization by making a donation to my fundraising page. Help me reach my goal by clicking on the button below (I will match each donation dollar-for-dollar).



Thank you so much

Beata Bukowski

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